Friends Team

“Walking ennobles the mind and clears away our prejudices.” – Oscar Wilde

As an English and German speaking tour operator in Armenia, we offer tours and programmes for groups and individual travellers. Our focus is on cultural, hiking and trekking tours.

Our journeys are encounters with culture, nature and with oneself. They are a traversing of landscapes of foreign cultures, for “The sublime language of nature, the sounds of needy humanity only the wanderer gets to know.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe). Together we walk paths of freedom, search for the discovery of true life – the path of freedom, enjoy nature and get to know people of foreign cultures on our journeys. We would like to bring you closer to our ancient country “Armenia” and the Armenian culture with the trips we offer. Let us walk together on historical paths. You can enjoy the beautiful and contrasting natural landscape and at the same time feel the early Christian spirit of our country. We, Laura and Sahak, make these encounters possible for you and are the right contact persons to undertake trips with your friends.

Welcome to Armenia, a country that has no shortage of mountains!

Our tour guides

Arpi Gevorgyan

Hello dear friends, my name is Arpi. I have been working as a tour guide since 2015. The profession of a tour guide is, first of all, acquaintance and communication with travellers, and as an experienced tour guide, I am happy to share my knowledge and love for my country with them. It is a profession through which you can constantly learn something new, develop and improve yourself. I love my job, as my job is to be a guide to the world of the unknown, to take my travellers to another era, to help them feel the uniqueness and beauty of a place, culture, traditions and to enjoy the unique taste of Armenian food.

Sahak Khangeldyan

“Life in mountains”

Hello, my name in Sahak! I am a mountain guide engaged in tourism since 2000. Behind my shoulders there are thousands of kilometers of excursions in the mountains with hundreds of tourists. Why mountain tourism? – Wild emotions that completely absorb the mind leaving a room only for feelings, the opportunity to realize your desire to conquer, contemplation, the desire to comprehend the wisdom to become closer to the essence (nature) of being.

My goal as a mountain guide is to help people to get to know all these feelings.